Twitterotica – Five Minute Fiction: A Gong Bong

23 Feb

I’ve posted this at Leah Petersen’s blog for her #5minutefiction contest but I think I may have missed the deadline… humph. Anyway, for your amusement, I have reposted (and added one crucial, erotic line) here:


The bong was full, the smoke curling like djinns. Ricki put her lips to the tube and sucked hard. Too hard. The cool smoke blasted into her lungs and the demons inside slipped into her body, possessing her organs, her bones, her blood.

Sure, she had smoked weed before, and got high, and giggly, but this was something else. She put the bong down, stunned, as the walls of the room tightened and squashed. John became part of the wall. He was laughing. At her.

“I think this is the perfect time to play this.”

He flicked the remote at his iPod and a trail of remotes followed it in the air from his arm. Ricki felt sick.

“Gnome…. gnome… gnome…”

What. The. Fuck.

“I’m going to be sick,” she said.


“Up in the sky. A cup of tea. Flying saucer. Flying teapot. From outer space. What do you see? Flying saucer. Flying teapot.”

John lurched towards her, moving in and out of focus. He put his hand on her top and lifted it up, sending prickles of sensation along her arms to her feet.

And the djinns laughed and put slices of lemon in her eyes.


By the way, congratulations to Christopher Blanchard for his winning entry.

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