Twitterotica – a #FuckMeFriday story: An angel’s #wake

25 Mar

This is for this week’s piece of Twitterotica to mark #FuckMeFriday (Ruby Kiddell and Aisling Weaver’s weekly writing challenge). The prompt is #wake and is justifiable. Barely.


After a ten days on vacation with her husband and mother-in-law, Christa snapped.

“You’re taking the children and your mother on the glass-bottomed boat tour,” she told Miles. “I’m having a massage.” Wisely, he chose not to argue.

The masseuse was fully booked, so Christa decided to take a long, hot bath. She surveyed herself in the mirror as the water ran. Her hair was like straw, albeit with some fresh sun-bleached highlights, and the tan lines around her boobs were uneven. One shoulder seemed to have caught the sun more, probably while she was in the pool being piggy-in-the-middle for the boys. She ran a hand over her midriff and tutted at the bloat. The effect was emphasised by her foliage-free lady garden, the product of a different and unexpected interpretation of the words “Bikini Line” by the Scottish girl who had waxed her before the vacation. Evidently in Scotland all the women wore candy floss bikinis that required the full Brazilian. Two weeks later, it still felt unnaturally smooth. But at least the swelling had gone down.

As the water’s heat began to penetrate Christa’s bones, her mind turned back to Miles. He had been looking very fine as he left with the children. She had caught a glimpse of him in his shorts and tight-fitting surf splash top. The sunshine caught the blond hairs on his legs and arms in a halo, like the wake of an angel.

Christa sighed and leaned back in the water, the surface tickling her ears. Her hand drifted back to the smoothness of her crotch. He hadn’t changed much in the fifteen years since college, when his tall, wiry frame had first caught her attention on the tennis court. Their first time had been in the college boat club, under the tarpaulin of a rowing boat.

It was desperately uncomfortable, but somehow they had manoeuvred into a position where Miles could reach under her. His hand played with her pussy while she stretched, and then his fingers, strong and firm, moved to her clit, their roughness making her jump, and she had to move his hand up, just above the spot, because she couldn’t handle the intensity of it. But he kept going. And his cock…

Christa opened her eyes and sat up, searching the bathroom for something. Her hairbrush? Too far away. The hotel branded shampoo bottle had a rounded lid. She checked the rim – smooth enough. It would do.

In the boat, she had nothing to grip except Miles’s back, and he held onto her shoulders from beneath, holding him so close that his cock went deeper and deeper, and her shins touched the tarpaulin so she could feel his balls slap against her, and…

She needed to go deeper. Christa draped one leg over the rim of the bath, dangling in the cool, hyacinth-scented air.

His cock was so far inside and she felt herself getting closer and at the time, their first time, Miles had come too soon, and her excitement was replaced by fear that the rubber would split, but this time he kept going, this time his cock stayed hard, this time she had both her hands below, this time was close, this time–

“Only me, dear. That boat was a death trap, I told Miles, but he wouldn’t listen so I said to him– Oh! You’re here.”

Christa looked up to see her mother-in-law peering at her from the bathroom door. The old lady’s ears turned crimson. “Oh my. I’m sorry dear, I didn’t mean to interrupt you while you were… you were doing… whatever it is.”

Christa pulled her leg back into the bath. The small shampoo bottle bobbed to the surface.

“I’ll just… I need to… Oh my.” Grandma disappeared back into the room. The logo on the shampoo bottle seemed to be winking at Christa as it floated among the bubbles. She sank down until the water reached her nose and filled her ears, and blocked out the world with her palms.

3 Responses to “Twitterotica – a #FuckMeFriday story: An angel’s #wake”

  1. Aisling Weaver March 25, 2011 at 11:54 pm #

    *chuckles* Ah, that’s fantastic!!

  2. mehryinett March 26, 2011 at 12:16 am #

    🙂 Thank you!

  3. nilla March 31, 2011 at 1:04 am #

    oh my!!!

    terribly funny! embarrassing and real. great job!


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