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Aching for Reviews

15 Apr

I hadn’t realised, when I thought I’d jump into the Indie stream and have a splash around, that the hardest thing about it would be getting people to read my stuff. But it is.

By that, I don’t mean that it’s hard to get people to pay for an ebook. That’s not so much of a problem I think. No, the hard thing is trying to persuade someone to read a free copy and then post their opinions online. And, because Amazon.com is such a publishing powerhouse, what that really means is posting their opinions on Amazon.com or .co.uk.

So if anyone would like to do that, please let me know, and I’ll give you a free copy of Payback or Aching for Marvin.


So what really is the difference between porn and erotica?

2 Apr

I’m talking about writing, by the way, not those funny pictures of unlikely people doing unusual things to each other, with props.

No, I’m trying to figure out what elevates erotica from the status of pornography. I’m not the first to have done this. There is a prevailing view among erotica authors that what we do is not porn. I like to think so too. But when I try to put my finger on the thing that makes it that way, I can’t quite manage it. I’m hoping that by the time I get to the end of this post, I’ll have figured it out.

More talk about smut but not actual smut through here

Shameless self-promotion

29 Mar

I have a new collection of short stories called Payback, which is now available in various places.

Let me know if you like it.

My latest thrill

14 Feb

My latest thrill is a delightful body of work by a thirty-something married woman who has an unconscionable number of affairs. I would disapprove, naturally, if I weren’t so envious.

Her blog is a great example of pants-dampening erotic writing that engages the reader. She writes about people I feel I know, even if I’m not sure exactly which of my friends they are.

You can find her at Serial Adulterer.