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My Latest Thrill: Vanillamom

30 Mar

I can’t believe it’s taken me so long to get round to giving Nilla a blow-job-in-a-post but here it is. She’s been prolific recently, with not one, not five, but eight – that’s EIGHT – story posts in the last week. Amazing. YYTMGK783W9C

It seems that the wee spanking she received is the cause. In which case, I say, go Nilla’s Boss!

What, you want the url? Okay, here it is:



My Latest Thrill: The Erotic Notebook

25 Feb

Ruby Kiddell is a treat to follow on Twitter, and she also has a blog, The Erotic Notebook, from which she has been pulling out all sorts of goodies in her ‘smut from the archive’ series.

My favourite so far is Wet, a 100 word flash which captures the feeling of desire delightfully well.

It begins:

I can feel my mouth filling with saliva at the thought of you.  The mouthwatering delight of your taste.

and continues, for another salivating eighty-nine words. Well worth a look.


My latest thrill: Remittance Girl

21 Feb

Over at Remittance Girl an interesting discussion has broken out about the lack of female-focused porn. RG is advocating #ladypornday on Twitter, challenging anyone who can to find an erect penis on the Internet that is not directed at a gay man.

And you know what? It’s damn hard. To find. Because most netcockz are distinctly flaccid creatures, unless another man is involved. There’s nothing wrong with gay porn in my view and actually I think it can be quite stimulating. It’s stimulating on a voyeuristic level, and also there’s something about two men which appeals to my kinky side.

But RG is absolutely right that it’s not the same as knowing that you are the cause of the blood engorgement, or rather that the turned-on cock is directed at you or someone like you.

Personally I find reading and writing erotica more fulfilling than porn, but that’s not to say I’m not curious how #LadyPornDay works out. I’m looking forward to finding out if anyone finds anything. Not that I’ll be looking myself, you understand. Oh no.

My latest thrill: The Erotic Writer blog

18 Feb

Three writers of erotic fiction have a joint blog at the IP address better known as http://eroticwriter.wordpress.com and I’m thoroughly enjoying their work. Given the cornucopia of material, I think I shall be going*, and I may be some time.

*It’s that good, I don’t know whether I’m coming or going.

My latest thrill: Erotica for All

17 Feb

Lucy Felthouse is the brains behind a marvellous website called eroticaforall, a place where “readers, writers, and those that straddled both categories could go for information, enjoyment, promotion and more”.

(The “and more” element is rather intriguing, don’t you think?)

Anyway, I’m particularly enjoying the free reads section, as well as Miss Felthouse’s thoroughness in bringing all the good erotica authors together in the same place.